It All Began with true love!

If you are someone who loves to make new friends, laugh a lot and dance like one one is watching then you are in the right place. Let's get together and plan your next photo session.

I have been a photographer for over 4 years and dare I say, I have been preparing to be a professional photographer my whole life. Ever since I went to my first photoshoot as a kid I new right away I wanted to have my own photography business.

"Trust the timing of your life"

Snuggles with my daughter, play dates, pizza, nap, face timing family, editing pictures, and bored games as long as I can convince my husband. 

daily rituals

Making jewelry with my daughter, binge-watching Psych, at the next girl's night out, and finding locations to take pictures


Drinking soda, trying new foods, putting people down, and long emails. 


You should always have someone capturing every beautiful moment in your life, and mermaids are real. I probably would have been one in another life.


Getting your high school diploma, your boyfriend asking you to marry him, and now the big wedding day. These are the days that should be shared with everyone and what's more special than having your photographer capture every moment of your life for you to share with friends and family for a lifetime?

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten."

-Aaron Siskind

With lots of education and my true love buying me my first camera I was on my way to becoming a professional photographer to serve you and more beautiful couples and seniors. These moments in life are precious.

video or image here

body love mindset podcast


hot chocolate chip cookie 


girl, wash your face


a big gallon of water that i carry around with me


friends for the 20th time.



My Favorite Things

Traveling — especially to Wisconsin where i go back to during the summer.

my happy place!

The lake is my happy place. It is where I feel at home and peace. I watch my daughter splashing and my husband fishing.

Volunteering at my church. I am that girl that will volunteer every weekend if they would let me.

My Favorite Things

When that sunshine comes threw I love going camping with my family and call me old fashion but we put up our own tent. 

Eating salty snacks and sometimes I get a craving for reeses.

my guilty pleasure

Photos! Taking gorgeous sunset pictures of madly-in-love couples who are ready to start a new adventure. 



Night Owl







Early Bird




Dine in

Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

This      That


“WOW, I love the pictures. You captured us perfectly"


so they say:

Freezing up during your photo shoot is no fun. I created this download so that never happens to you. Here are 5 things to do with your hands when you are posing. 

Do you ever freeze up taking pictures?

Be prepared for your next photo session!

let's work together

If you love ice coffee, traveling and lake days then let's hang out. I love working with clients who love life, are joyful, and want to spend every minute with their loved ones playing bored games. Working together means getting dressed up, laughing a lot, and doing some weird dance moves.

did we just become best friends?