Let's do that thing you've always wanted to do.

You did it! You made the next step in your life, whether you're a Senior graduating, proposing to your partner or, getting married, you made it. Now it is time to plan an unforgettable moment by hiring me as your photographer to capture the special day and I can't wait to meet you!

Bright Gilbert Arizona Photography

Don't worry if you have no idea what you and your spouse should wear, I got you covered. You will receive a free style guide. Where I help you pick out some outfits that flatter your body best.

Styling tips

Posing guidance

I know this probably is one of the trickiest parts of doing a photoshoot. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO POSE! That is OK, that's why I am here to talk you threw posing ideas.


Unstoppable laughter

My number one goal for a photo shoot is to just have the best time, create beautiful memories with new people and of course, get the shot. I promise we will laugh a lot and have fun. Soon you won't even realize you are doing a photoshoot.

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Are you graduating high school or finally graduating collage? Let's document this big accomplishment by taking pictures around campus or a beautiful greenery field. Do you play a sport or play an instrument? Bring it along to remember your hard work and memories. Senior sessions include 1-2 locations, 1-2 Hours and, up to 3 outfits, starting at $280 

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Let's go on an adventure together! Are you hiking on the top of the mountain or do you love spending the day on the boat? Eloping is an excellent idea if you want to spend this special day with your significant other or a couple of family members. I offer 4-6 hours of photography services, and a full gallery of 200 images, starting at $970.


This moment is so special that I wanted to give you the opportunity to capture every moment for you. You and your baby deserve to capture these moment together to look back on thats why I am offering 4 photoshoots threw out this journey.  Let's start by doing announcement photos, intimate gender reveal, half baked, and 35 weeks.Each session will last an hour, this package starts at $840 that is one FREE session. MIND BLOWN!!!


Photoshoot services:

let's work together

I am so excited to start this journey with you, You will be able to communicate with me threw email or video chat. where we will talk about your upcoming session. We will talk about outfits, props to bring, and what you want your perfect photoshoot to look/ feel like. 

Did we just become best friends?